Services Offered by a Scale Repair Company

If you're the new office manager for a business that uses scales as part of its daily operation, you will have to contract with a scale repair company to ensure that your workplace continues to function. But as this is your first time getting to know this specialised type of contractor, here are some of the services they can offer you.

Scale Recalibration

A scale repair company can offer you scale recalibration service, in which a faulty scale that is not reading or measuring accurately is rebalanced to ensure accurate measurements.

Scales can go awry for a number of reasons, including extreme weather and general wear and tear, but the point is that new scales are calibrated to provide accurate measurements, and then must be re-calibrated once they no longer correctly reflect the correct weight. With many scales now being digital, scale recalibration often involves reprogramming the calibration codes within the scale to reset it to factory-shipped standards.

Scale Rental 

Many scale repair companies will offer rental services to replace the scale that is being repaired, so that you're not without the equipment you need for your business. Typical scales that you can rent include, wheel weighers, pad scales, floor scales, counting and inventory scales, bench bases, lab balances, force gauges and medical scales.

Test Trucks 

Scale repair companies can also test the accuracy of your heavy capacity scales, such as ones found with transportation companies that ship massive items. If your large-capacity scale is failing to read accurately, a scale repair company can bring a test truck to your facility equipped with motorised carts to test your scale with standardised test weights.

These test weights are used to analyse and re-calibrate heavy-duty scales that can't be moved or taken into a repair shop for service. Test trucks are often equipped with a minimum of 225kg of weights, to ensure that the weight test can proceed at the loading level of the industrial scales.

Scale repair companies like Active Scales can also offer you technological upgrades on all your scale equipment, as well as providing you with troubleshooting and preventive maintenance that can detect future issues and fix them before they become expensive repair jobs.

Typically, you can choose from several service agreements, including dedicated service, which customises your service dates to a specific date and time, and shared service, in which you would share service dates with another business to reduce the price you pay.