Weight Calibration Services Every Trucking Company Should Have

If you own a small trucking service, there are times when you will need to have your truck scales collabrated. These collbarations may be part of a routine maintanace process or may be due to a problem in the weight scales. Before you settle on a standard services company, consider the weight calibration services that every trucking company should have. 

Weekend Service Availability

Most calibration service companies tend to focus their work hours during the traditional operational hours of a business. This may work well for you, until you have a weekend issue that causes trucks to roll out later, scales to be off, and deliveries to experience issues. This means that the first weight calibration service you should consider for your trucking company is a weekend availability option. This can be on-call and can ensure that your trucking company runs smoothly in and out of normal business hours.

On-Site Calibrations

You may have certain truck and weight scales that need to be sent out in order to have calibrations done properly. This is fairly normal, but an increasing number of companies are moving to on-site calibration services. This is ideal if you want to keep the downtime of a scale to a minimum and keep your trucks rolling. If you choose this option a service tech like PCS Measurement can arrive at your location, fix the issue, and have your calibrations done as soon as possible.

Expaneded Certifications

One of the things you need to look for in a weight calibration service is the proper certification and expanded certifications in a variety of weight scales and new technology. The reason this is important is because it ensures that your weight calibrations are done by a certified technician, but also that the same technician will be able to handle new equipment and advanced technology as you upgrade.

Field Calibration Services

Field services are something you should consider if you have weight scales and points across a wide area. Having someone who can go out into the field for calibrations is different than having someone who can do on-site services. On-site generally refers to the worksite or a main site, while going to the field refers to going to an area that only houses a scale. Having this as part of your calibration services is vital to trucking company if you handle long hauling and use your own placed weight scales.

These are just a few of the weight calibration services you should consider for your trucking business. If you are ready to change or upgrade your services, contact your local calibration company for details and price quotes.